In the Realm of Cosmogony...

Dora Eliopoulou-Rogan

In the Realm of Cosmogony...

...Irini Kana, one of the most important artists of her age, creates with continually renewed inspiration and with passion.

A born painter, she keeps endlessly surprising us with her compositions, which are constantly changing anew 'from within'.

Defying classification, these compositions carry the seed of an intrinsic evolution, deriving from the artist's inner world, and identifying a vigorous journey towards a successful discovery and an authentic interpretation of the essence of what inspires the painter.

Being in a perpetual charismatic movement, her cosmogonic and metaphysical in postures and texture landscapes, born in a unique light, radiate an impressive, inexhaustible energy. Owing to this energy, they appear as if they are always ready to move, to acquire new shape, to live and be experienced in a new, different fashion.

Kana's landscapes are semi-descriptive, lying in the threshold between a metaphysical, uniquely conceived image, and abstraction. They are imagined landscapes, taking life through Kana's sensitivity. In short, they are landscapes in direct association with cosmogony, through the pulse and the rhythm with which they are orchestrated.

Evoked in the context of perpetual evolution, Kana's images are liberated from any definite frontier between the earth and the universe, the sky and the sea, the horizon and the land, the liquid element and whatever surrounds it, defines it, and lives within it, and give life to the forms, the motions and the energy, through their own, personal process.

This process exists on its own. free of even the slightest signs of triviality, and opposing, by definition, any visual, sensual, and, indeed, any spiritual compromise.

Kana's images act in a constant intensity of colour and motion, to produce, each time, their own atmosphere, their own 'everywhere' and 'nowhere', in the sense that, by being immersed into the very essence of the stimulus of the artist, they offer themselves to interpretation and communication harmoniously matching the experiences, the memories and the impressions of the viewer, revealing the origins of the painter's inspiration.

This world, with which we are already acquainted, is in constant transformation, without ever breaking its channels with us, or making us completely abandon any of our familiar associations. By implying or giving birth to something that seems recognisable only at a first, quick glance, it results, essentially and esoterically, in a reversal.

This reversal is never superficial; it objects to any form of commonplace resolution and progresses deep into our world, stirring inside us the very impulse of creativity. This impulse is present in each and every one of us, waiting for the right moment and the proper circumstances to manifest itself. This manifestation constitutes the ultimate verification of the work of the genuine artist.

With the sea, the seabirds, the boats, the ships, the trees, the moon and the moonlight, the reflections on the water, the colour hues as they are dictated by the mood, and the mobility of the elements as her protagonists, Kana creates around us, as well as within us, a world of vivid impressions, which is new and, at the same time, recognisable.

This world id full of riddles, and thus, deeply and extraordinarily suggestive. It is a world whose dimensions are expanded and diminished, that breathes with the pulses of both the Creation and the beyond. One that is always glowing with an energy reflecting a purely conceived, unconventional poetic element that captures not only our eyes, but also our spirit.

Following the associations in her mind, but also acting with great force, Irini Kana manages to create not merely impressive landscapes, but spiritual states very rich in emotional tones. These states act within us as transmitters and receivers of metaphysical, timeless messages. For here, even the tiniest and the seemingly slightest, steps forth with the glory and the splendour of the cosmogonic element, to inspire inside of us, at any moment, a real spiritual state, an authentic experience, uncompromisingly abolishing any conventional thought, impression, or view, so that we can see the world around us in a different way. Therein lies the genuine, an in a broad sense poetic gift of Irini Kana.

Dora Eliopoulou-Rogan
Dr. Art Historian and Art Critic

Translated by Alexander C. Melengoglou

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